Static: CD 2009
  • Static: CD 2009

Static: CD 2009

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8 Song Studio Quality CD in a jewel case, delivered to your doorstep. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Amerisound Studios. Free Shipping. 12 Copies Left.
This is one of the best CDs Jack has ever made, filled with peaks and valleys. Jack and Edward worked together to get all the Instruments on this Album. Edward played Keys and Drums, and Jack played Guitar, Bass, and Vocals. On the back of the CD is a Picture of Jack with Hair down to his waist, playing a Silverburst Les Paul. Only 3 copies are left, so get yours today! 1. Make it Good 2. Golden Tree 3. Static 4. Synergy 5. Hologram 6. Affair in Mexico 7. Hideaway 8. The Light

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