Dream Free: CD 2018
  • Dream Free: CD 2018
  • Dream Free: CD 2018

Dream Free: CD 2018

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10 Track Eco Disc. Includes a Free Download of Dream Free. This Album took six tries to get Mastered and Recorded Correctly. Jack and the Boys started working on it in Winter 2017 and finished it around March. Recorded and mixed by Jack on a Tascam 2488NEO, this album was Mastered by Dan at Amerisound Studios. It is one of Rubix Wheel's finest albums, with elements of all music Genres. The Pro Shot Music videos of Feels and Love are on YouTube. Feels has over 5000 views on YouTube and over 7000 plays on Spotify. Own a Copy Today!

  1. Feels
  2. Love
  3. Star Born
  4. Menagerie
  5. Heal These Wounds
  6. Side of Town
  7. He Works for Free
  8. House of Fright
  9. Church Bells
  10. We All Get PAY
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