Jack is a Classically Trained Guitarist.   He is also Trained in Rock and Jazz.  Jack played Guitar for Musicals and Jazz Band in Highschool.   As his skills at Rhythm and Lead Guitar grew,  Jack got endorsed by Phred Guitars(2014), Zemaitis Guitars(2016), and Guild Guitars(2019).


     Mark plays the six string bass, but only began with four.   Mark had already toured the U.S. prior to joining Rubix Wheel.  Mark is equally at home in a live setting as well as the Studio.  Bringing the bold bass flavor to Rubix Wheel, Mark pushes the band to go further, harder, and longer.


     At a young age, Steve discovered the magic of music in the Piano.  Learning the works of Beetoven, Bach, and Mozart, Steve garnered the depth and mood of each classical piece,  Once he got his first keyboard, Steve began playing in bands with his older brothers.  He took the time to develop his soloing skills, and was wowing audiences with complex solos for each song.  Steve also writes his own music, and is set to release his solo CD this Fall!


    Andre grew up in WV and lived in Chicago before finally moving to Columbus.  He's been a drummer since he could walk.  Andre adds a powerful rhythm and backbeat to the songs of Rubix Wheel.


Read a review of our 2018 Album, Dream Free, in the article below!


"The song “Feels” opens the record with that tasty old school and true jam band flavor. The guitar is plucky and soaring while the bass holds a steady and deliciously thick groove. I like the way the drums and keys get laced through each song on this album."  The Jamwich

"The band crackles with intensity and a tight groove formed from a few years on the road." Independent Music Reviews

 incorporates classic rock songs with their originals, making them a hybrid band that can play all kinds of venues."  Jamsphere Magazine

"This is a solid rock-based band with flashes of poppy, funky, dreamy and  jazzy overtones and influences. If you are into jam bands, or alternative rock, then this band is for you."  Jamsphere Magazine