"The band crackles with intensity and a tight groove formed from a few years on the road" Independent Music Reviews

 incorporates classic rock songs with their originals, making them a hybrid band that can play all kinds of venues."  Jamsphere Magazine

"This is a solid rock-based band with flashes of poppy, funky, dreamy and  jazzy overtones and influences. If you are into jam bands, or alternative rock, then this band is for you."  Jamsphere Magazine

Rubix Wheel - Rubix Wheel - With all three members being seasoned pros, there is a certain magic that happens when they play together that is felt by the band and the audience. The tightness of the band took years to happen. It exists in the recordings and the live shows. Rubix plays eccentric originals and adds classic rock songs to keep things interesting.


Jack Jolieri - Guitar/Vocals

Originally trained on rock guitar as a youth, Jack studied classical guitar during College. Jack is the founder and creative force behind the songs and production of Rubix Wheel.

Jack is Endorsed by Zemaitis Guitars.

Past Endorsements: Phred Guitars

Charley Braithwaite - Drums

Charley went to music school back in the day to learn drums.  He plays precise, and play a range from Jazz to Funk to Sould to Rock and Roll.  He plays with passion and power.

Mark Anthony Chavis - Bass

Mark has been a musician his entire life. With a background in Funk, Soul, and Jazz, Mark brings unique expression to the bass lines he writes for each song. At an early age, Mark became a professional musician, and has already toured nationally.

Steve Valdez - Keyboards

Steve has been in the music industry since a very young age.  Whether he is playing on Sundays for his Church or rocking out with his band on the weekend, Steve can play almost anything.  His solos are amazing and his ear is perfect.